yet untold

Yet Untold seeks to nurture a culture of resilience and vulnerability in the face of suffering and loss, and to place hope in the hearts and hands of those facing their darkest days. 


It's about spiritual formation and daily practices with a spirit of creativity and adventure.

We are on a journey with God. Some days we move along quickly, without much struggle, but most of the time the way is a slow slog up an uneven path. We don't know what's ahead or which way the path will take us, and we're often finding our way in the dark. Do you think anyone blames you if you trip and fall? Dust those knees off and keep going! Or, rest awhile. Have I taken this metaphor too far? This is what I mean: Whatever you are managing to do today, however much you've accomplished since yesterday--it's okay. You're doing great. And even if you truly believe in your most sane inner voice that you could o better--it's still okay!

This is a no shame zone.

But, here's the thing: We are meant to grow.

God does not want to leave us where we are right now. We can't set up camp in the swamp and stay there forever.

Well, you can, I suppose, but I wouldn't recommend it. I think you know that you are meant for more than that.

There is a platform, a boardwalk, that wise people before us have built to help us find our way through. Part of that structure is the Holy Scriptures, the teachings of the Church, writings of the saints, and every day work of the people of God.

Yet Untold is about this journey with God out of the muck of the swamp and onto a firmer path. I'm not saying there won't be hazards along the way (What kind of an adventure would it be if there weren't any obstacles?) I'm just saying that you have help--you have a guide. That guide is Jesus, and he is the most patient, loving, trustworthy guide there is. I can take you to him, because I have help.

I hope you can see what my point is here: We have help. We aren't supposed to do this on our own. The way is difficult, but we are not walking it alone.