yet untold

Yet Untold seeks to nurture a culture of resilience and vulnerability in the face of suffering and loss, and to place hope in the hearts and hands of those facing their darkest days. 


We are on a journey with God. Some days are easy, but most of the time the way is a slow slog up an uneven path. We don’t know what’s ahead or which way the path will take us, and we’re often walking it in the dark. Do you think anyone blames you if you trip and fall? 

Whatever you are managing to do today, however much you’ve accomplished since yesterday—it’s ok. You’re doing great. And even if you truly believe in your most sane inner voice that you could do better—it’s still ok!


This is a no-shame zone.


But, here's the thing: We are meant to grow.

A couple of years ago I was walking through a swamp and I had an epiphany. You might know that you cannot really walk through a swamp unless someone has built a boardwalk through it. At that time I was going through a lot of hardship, but as struggle often does, it was waking me up to myself, making me more aware of the way I had been living up to that time. I had settled in the swamp. I was making the best of it--I had a nice camp, some waders, maybe a lantern--but it was no way to live long term. In fact I wasn't really living; I was merely surviving. That day God told me that he had built a boardwalk for me, a way out of the swamp, and I just had to step up on it. 


He does not want to leave us where we are right now. We are meant for so much more. 


Yet Untold is about this journey with God out of the muck of the swamp and onto a firmer path. I'm not saying there won't be hazards along the way (What kind of an adventure would it be if there weren't any obstacles?) I'm just saying that you have help--you have a guide. That guide is Jesus, and he is the most patient, loving, trustworthy guide there is. I can take you to him.