Erin Ware


Erin is the creator of Yet Untold, and is also a mixed-media artist and illustrator (erinware.com). She and her husband, Nathan, and their one-year-old boy, Felix, are happy to call Savannah, GA home after recently moving from Vancouver, B.C. She completed a Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Regent College, with a concentration in Christianity and the Arts in 2018. She has previously taught High School in Jerusalem, worked at a non-profit as a communications director, and traveled to places like Kazakhstan, India, and Jordan. Her hobbies include knitting, watching Netflix, and eating chocolate. She is currently working on keeping deadlines and sharing her work.

 Photo by Lauren Leith

Photo by Lauren Leith

Hi! I'm Erin.

I'm so glad you're here. I created this place because I don't really ever stop thinking or reading about this stuff, so it seemed natural to share it. It gets pretty personal here, and we're sharing things about our innermost selves, so I thought I should let you know a few things about myself. 

  • I love the photo above so much because it's me in my natural habitat: in my chair, surrounded by books and chocolate. The only thing that would make it more authentic would be if I was wearing pajama pants and a ponytail, with no makeup on, but then I wouldn't feel so comfortable putting it on the internet. :)
  • Most of the time I feel completely inadequate, so don't let this fancy about page fool you into thinking I really know what I'm doing. We're taking it step by step.
  • For personality nerds (like me) I am an Enneagram 5w4, INFP (probably--not sure), HSP, Rebel,... I'm still working out some of this stuff, but I find it endlessly fascinating.
  • One of my biggest shame-points is that I didn't graduate from college way-back-when. I went to school for five years to be a middle school math and science teacher, but then ran into some difficulty, left, and never went back. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life for several years.
  • I started painting for real when I was 30. I have not taken any formal art classes yet--something I want to remedy very soon.
  • I'd like to write and illustrate at least one picture book, and I have a young reader's novel floating about in my head. 
  • My husband and I joined the Catholic Church while living in Vancouver (and while I was attending an Evangelical Protestant graduate school). One of my biggest desires is to help my Protestant and Catholic neighbors let go of some of their prejudices and misunderstandings, and heal that divide. 
  • This is way, way more than you would get out of me if you caught me out in the wild, if you ever happened to see me outside of my house. (See second statement above.)
  • I'd love to hear from you! Email me at erin@erinware.com.