What is it all about?

I’m thinking about a lot of things right now, all at once.

Like how God built a platform for me, out of the muck and mire, out of the pit, the bog, the marshes.

How the parable of the talents--the worst thing that can happen is that we do nothing with our gifts. We can’t actually lose. We can only sit on them and remain the same.

Accepted. How those words from Regent College have changed me, and how I feel about myself.

When I look back on my journey to get here: all of the times I desired to go back to school, to know what the next step was, to hear a voice from heaven directing my steps. And all the times I felt frozen and powerless, unable to take a step because I was afraid it would be the wrong step.

At the same time, how I feel that in the waiting, I was matured and my identity more solidified in Him. I was made into who I am today, unfinished yet, but more myself than I was then. I became in the waiting and the doing.

I want to give hope to those in the waiting rooms. I want to hold a banner up saying “All is not lost!” Wait patiently, wait with HOPE, and He will come for you! Keep your eyes open and you will see Him!

I want to stop this production and consumption obsessed world from believing that our only value lies in what we do and make, and that we need to have certain things to belong and to feel welcome.