You are not alone.

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.
— St. Catherine of Siena

Hi, I’m Erin.

I’m an artist who got a graduate degree in theological studies in order to help more artists understand the importance of their work. Whether you are just starting out, or you have had multiple solo shows in galleries all over the world, I am here to support you.


Here’s the thing: I think that in order to become the best artists we can be, we need to become the best people we can be. Around here, that means becoming who God intended you to be, to be rooted in God’s love, walking out your purpose, and sharing that love with others.

As artists we have been given a high calling, one that is intended to bring God’s light and beauty into the world. But the world pushes back, telling us that “light and beauty” have little to do with contemporary art. It can be difficult path to walk, risking falling into sentimentality on one side, and despair on the other.

I truly believe that the world needs the art that we are made to create, and that it can make a difference in real, actual lives. I want to help you not only make that art, but also to know in full what is being asked of you and how important your work really is.

You do not have to walk this path alone!

The Fellowship can help you

  • attend to what’s truly important, and get to work,

  • remember the reason behind the work when things get hard,

  • incorporate spiritual, focal, and creative practices into the rhythms of your life,

  • and hone your craft, all in the safe environment of a community shaped just for this purpose. 


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Scholarships available

Each of us is called to a life patterned by Christ. A life not shaped by inner compulsions, or captive to outer expectations, but drawn by the inner voice of love.
— Leighton Ford, The Attentive Life