Episode 4: Clothe Yourself

This podcast is about the things we do and why they matter, and there are few things that we do more often than get dressed, but also, for a lot of us, few things that we think less about, at least in a mindful and theological way.

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  1. Take time to think about what you want your clothing to do for you. How do you want to feel in it? What have been your favorite, most worn outfits in the past? Why did you love them so much? What colors were they? Use pinterest or cut pictures out of magazines to make a lookbook for yourself.

  2. Go through what you already have and make sure you are utilizing it well. Does anything need to be mended, patched, or cleaned? Have you forgotten about a piece because your closet it too full? Can you put a new outfit together using things you already have

  3. Give things away that you do not use. One of the most freeing practices I have come across lately is to give things away that I have some attachment to or really like, but for whatever reason (too small, wrong color) do not get used. It’s easy to give away things that are no good to us, but it’s a spiritual practice when we feel a bit of resistance but we do it anyway. For me, it’s been freeing when I’ve realize that I was attached to a memory, not an object. If you don’t want to go cold turkey, put the things in a box, hide it away for about six months and see if you’ve missed it.  


“Simplicity is openness, unselfconsciousness, naturalness.” —Richard Foster, The Celebration of Discipline

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Erin’s favorite sewing pattern designer, Meg McElwee (@sewliberated)

World Resources Institute, and especially this article.

The True Cost Documentary

I would love to link for you the images of the garments Jess made for her guided study, but I don’t thing she’s put them online. I’m putting this here as a little nudge for that to happen.

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